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"The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?"-Jeremiah 17:9
"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."-Jeremiah 29:11


This journal serves two purposes:

1) To first and foremost write/address personally-opinionated faith-based articles or anything bible and faith based that is on my mind. I have tried using others servers, but none have kept up to par compared to livejournal. A lot of the times and these days I'm most worried about the social stance of our society falling away from God's ideal plan.

2) Anything that is fan-based related such as and not limited to :  Fan-fiction, reviews, promotion, and so on and so forth.

I am on definite semi-hiatus for fan-fiction as i want to focus on writing about my thoughts about this world as i grow in my Christian faith and watch the world fall away from God's plan for us all. There are many instances that has turned my life towards Him and realizing how sinful this world has become in God's eyes. I want to try my best to become a light for all.

If you'd like to explore my journal more, please visit the links in the box above or my tag lists to the right of my links. if you have read some of my stories or faith based posts, please do comment on what you think.

Have a blessed day!

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27 October 2014 @ 01:15 pm
This is for anyone who is visiting my journal.

For now due to school and other responsibilities, any activity/posting that has to do with this journal is on hiataus.
There was alot that i wanted to do. I wanted to write more, make more graphics and what not, but there are just too many things to do that takes my time away.

I do check back here on the communities i'm a part of often so you may see me comment around. Though for the most part, any activities here are on hold unless i post something unexpected.

Anyways, I'm more active on the following sites so if you want to see what i'm up to you can find me there.

Thanks and have an awesome day. :)
07 March 2014 @ 11:42 pm
Hey, it's me again. x3 Not a fic update, but to write things about today or rather tonight...

i've been worried about the many things that have suddenly cluttered in my life and in return became super stress to the point where I want to cry. Well i finally did tonight lol.

But i'm glad that I did. It was in front of my sisters in Christ whom i care for very much and i know they care for me. I love them more than any other friends I have. I feel so lucky to know people who believes in the same God i do and is going through the same kind of ordeals I do. It's very encouraging to know there's people like that in your life that you constantly and continually see.

Of which makes me even more happy to be a beautiful daughter of God. I know my identity is with Christ so the things i do are always for Him and he is the backbone/root of everything i do. My choice to enter the BFA and go into multimedia design so i can take part in doing motion graphics, my side love for teaching children, and the arts. i know that all of that, He is the backbone of it all and as long as i have Christ as my identity, i will be blessed no matter the situation.

I really didn't feel like going to bible study tonight at all, but something kept on pestering me to go. I'm glad i did because I was given another reason to continue to go.

Thank you God for showing me your reasons to do things. I pray that you continue to have me seek your blessings in everyday things and happenings so that i will always love you.
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09 February 2014 @ 01:50 am
We all know that the month of February is evidently the month of love due to valentines day. So every valentines day; i would be alone of course since i don't have a partner to be with but that's okay. XD

Anyways, lately all that i've been thinking this month of february so far was how great God's love for me was. Sometimes i can't explain how great it is because i'm so overwhelmed by the things he does for me. My sister Rebecca was teaching the other day how we should learn to enjoy God everywhere we go. now-a-days, i've been incorporating that into my life and i can honestly say that through the bad and the good, inside i do feel happy because God is always with me.

Saturday, i went to a Valentines banquet for the parents of my church. It was such a great banquet and i had so much fun. I saw that alot of the parents really had God as the center of their relationship and it makes me really happy. My brother is also getting married next week after valentines day and even though i have mixed feelings, i know that God will do good things in my brother's and sister-in-law's life.  We made valentine cards as an outreach to our very own church; and as i was making them, i chose to write a verse from 1 John. It's such a powerful verse about love. Yes there's the one in Corinthians how love is kind, patient and all, but where does that love come from? From God of course.

1John 4:19 says that "We love because He first loved us." When you think of love, its something that you can't explain. It's the same with God's love. It's something you can't explain, yet the people in this time wants believers to explain how great God's love is. If we can't explain the feeling of human love to it's full extent then how are we to do the same for God?

The only way to know love with another partner is to experience it. to know what God's love is like, you have to experience it. This valentines day, i hope that you have a chance to come and know God's love. It's so amazing; and if i for one didn't believe in it, i wouldn't actually be here. But i am; all because of his unconditional love for me.
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27 October 2013 @ 07:30 pm
HI! ^^ how are you all? First i want to apologize for the fact that i haven't been writing fics lately. i just don't either have the time or drive to do it. but i will finish them before  if i ever decide to close my livejournal account. (which is probably never...xD) Lately my posts have been faith based and i truly feel that it's important to write about these feelings in a personal manner where i know many won't find it, but if you do find it, please read with an open heart.  but on to today's post.
I have always believed that God uses the things in your life; whether you hate them or love them; in order to make you better either physically, mentally, or emotionally. Sometimes he helps us financially,  socially,  and so on and so forth. Basically a better person because he provides for what you need.

As you all know I really like Japanese music, and I really love the group Arashi since i post and write about them all the time. Tuesday night to Wednesday, somehow i was really sad. I was upset and sad as i started worrying and thinking about my future, my education, my dream job, family, friends, and especially my own well being emotionally, physically and mentally. Ever since school started i felt this overwhelming sensation and somehow fell in a dark place. I think it must have accumulated over the days that i've been attending school, but anyways, I love arashi. I really do and they are important people in my life despite knowing they they probably don't know that i exist or something lol.

As i was feeling all those negative emotions, i had a strong need to listen to their new album that was just released called Love. I remember feeling the aching in my heart and something telling me to listen to the album. So i did; i downloaded the album since mine haven't arrived and played the first track. The first track was called Ai wo Uta (Let's Sing About Love). This song is a really powerful song. It's about how  the love of a person can keep one going with courage and hope. I started feeling better but i didn't feel fully happy. That upset feeling still lingered. In the song, there was a part of the song where it was a rapping portion of the song. the very last verse that said:

「You're my 道を照らす灯台」
"You're my lighthouse that shines on my path."

This verse was written and sung by a member of the group name Sakurai Sho; a man who i revered in an academic sense as a college student trying to finish her studies. As soon as i heard that verse, i broke down crying because it made me remember that I was loved by the greatest and most powerful being out there who's love is unconditional, never ending, constant, and never changing. Who loved humanity so much that he would send his only son Jesus down to take up the cross. At that moment sitting there on my bed crying out to Him, I heard God say to me:

"My child, remember that i will always love you and will always be with you where ever you go in life. There is no need to worry because you have me that will make all impossible things possible. I will turn your broken pieces into something beautiful."

I cried some more afterwards playing this song a few more times, because that song was just so powerful. It was the first time ever that I have ever cried because of an Arashi song. Being a fan for 4-5 years now, this have never happened to me. It proves these 5 people who i hold important in my life is not only great people, but God can use the things we love to glorify and remember Him in ways unimaginable. This song wasn't even written for God, yet it spoke of love, and the first love that have ever truly made me feel happy and free was God's love for me. He gives me courage, hope and he is the lighthouse that shines on my path.

I remember back during my youth fasting i have asked for a certain prayer that i stay true to myself and know that my identity is in Christ alone. since the beginning of the semester, i think i may have been pushing that aside and may have immersed myself in something else that i claimed as my identity for a while.

That weekend, i attended a women of faith conference with my sisters and it was an amazing.  It was uplifting, empowering, and inspiring. i learned how to be a wise woman, how Jesus will come find me in the hurricane, how my reality is that Jesus is my identity, and not the circumstances that i’m in. How God can multiply what we recognize and so much more! I truly met God there those two days. it was such a great experience that i would want to go again.

During that event i asked God if this was what he wanted to show me when i asked for prayer that day. I knew the answer was yes because I truly felt his love for me. That tuesday to wednesday night and friday to saturday; i felt his presence in me that was so strong. Being one who plays by the rules a lot;  my heart was moved to go ahead and not wait. he moved me to listen to that wonderful song by 5 men who i adore so much just to have me understand at that He loves me and i didn’t need to worry. I am a broken person, but God turns even the most broken pieces into something beautiful for the world to see.  it's that transformation that is the beauty of what i believe. it's that transformation from an old broken soul to a new beautiful one that shines their light upon the world and be the sunshine for those who needs it.

My God is an amazing God. I love him because he loved me first.  he uses the things i love and hate all to help me grow my relationship with him.

If you are reading this right now, i pray that if you don't know Jesus Christ, may he move your heart to search for him and let him transform you. Only the love of Christ can fill that empty space in our hearts forever. No one whether family, friend, spouse, or partner can because it is all temporary.

I pray that you may find him today and let him be the lighthouse to light your path.
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